Legacy Giving – Our Bequest Tool

Drive legacy giving to your non-profit or charitable organization by offering Estate Planning to all your supporters for Free.

No Cost Wills imposes a small fee on participating non-profit and charitable organizations (Organization) in exchange for which No Cost Wills provides the Organization a customized website where Users are prompted to leave the Organization a gift of cash or property.

No Cost Wills provides your Organization a customized Free Online Legal Will website that is simple to use and contains extensive self-help information. While making a Will for free on your new Will website, the User is prompted to give your Organization a legacy gift of cash and/or property within their Will.

We also offer the User the option to make an immediate cash donation to your Organization. There is no cost to the User to make the Will.

We provide expert strategy and marketing support, with custom content written just for you. Our support team will help you strategize, create content, and reach your supporters.

We provide a secure dashboard for instant reports and analytics that include the User’s name and email address, and a description of the gifts bequeathed to your Organization – all designed to help optimize your outreach and future fundraising campaigns.

Our software is user friendly, with a proven track record of 22 years, that has been designed specifically to make the User’s experience as easy as possible.

Your Dedicated Website

Powered by NoCostWills.com software, your branded website encourages both immediate cash donations and planned giving.

Planned Giving and Estate Planning Made Easy!

- More Than 70% of North Americans Do Not Have a Will.
- Upwards to 50% leave a gift if you offer a Free Will.


We provide you with a a secure dashboard for instant reports with useful data that will list all gifts to your organization, allowing you to spot trends and optimize your campaigns.

We provide your Organization with a monthly report of all Users and all gifts bequeathed.

The data we provide enables your organization to realize their return on investment, track legacies/gifts, and contact those Users that leave a gift or used the website to create a Will.

We enable your Organization to review, analyze and track gifts, spot trends and optimize your fundraising campaigns.

We are an essential tool in the realm of fundraising.

Users of No Cost Wills are 5x more likely to leave a gift because they are given a Free Will by the Organization.

Our software works within the United States and Canada.

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The Facts

- It is estimated that 70% of North Americans do not have a Will. This means that there is a tremendous opportunity for an Organization to assist Users by assisting them with the opportunity of making a Will for free.

- According to industry information, the average cost for a Will prepared by a lawyer is $750. No Cost Wills enables your Organization to provide this important service free of charge to your supporters.

- According to data from the Planned Giving community, Estate Planning bequests have surged 6x since the COVID-19 pandemic.

- We believe that Users are much more likely to donate to an Organization if asked to do so during the Will making process.