We Increase Charitable Donations

No Cost Wills enables your supporters to become donors.
We provide an easy to use and legal tool to enable them to leave gifts in their Will to your organization.

Our customized Free Online Legal Will website is simple to use and contains extensive self-help information.

Your Dedicated Website

Powered by NoCostWills.com software, your branded website encourages both immediate cash donations and planned giving.

Planned Giving and Estate Planning Made Easy!

- More Than 70% of North Americans Do Not Have a Will.
- Upwards to 50% leave a gift if you offer a Free Will.


We provide you with a secure dashboard for instant reports with useful data that will list all gifts to your organization, allowing you to spot trends and optimize your campaigns.

We also provide an online tool to assist those with complex family arrangements, planned giving, or wealth management concerns.

Donors are directed to working with a lawyer/attorney to ensure that their estate planning is handled by a professional.

We Have a Proven Track Record – 22 years of providing hundreds of thousands of Online Legal Wills in North America.

No advertising content on the website.

No cost to the user.

Other Will Provisions and Benefits

- The No Cost Will includes provisions for digital assets, guardian appointment(s) for your children, pet care and a pet trust.

- There is an optional Free Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney and Advanced Directive.