About No Cost Wills

What we do?

No Cost Wills has forever shifted end-of-life planned giving by bringing donations to the forefront by making Wills free and removing all financial obstacles.

No Cost Wills allows Users to prepare their own legal online will for free.

No Cost Wills imposes a small fee on participating non-profit and charitable organizations by way of an annual subscription fee. During the Will preparation process, the User is prompted to leave a legacy gift of cash or property.

No Cost Wills is powered by www.AmericaWills.com and www.CanadaWills.com which have a proven track record, and have been providing hundreds of thousands of free online legal wills to North Americans for over 22 years.

How we do it?

No Cost Wills provides the non-profit or charitable organization a customized Online Legal Will website that is simple to use and contains extensive self-help information. The branded website encourages both immediate cash donations and planned giving gifts. Most importantly, it allows w the User to make their own Will for free.

The No Cost Will includes everything one would expect in a Will including provisions for digital assets, guardian appointment(s) for children, pet care and a pet trust.

No Cost Wills also allows Users to prepare their own Free Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney and Advanced Directive.

For those potential donors that already have a Will or a complex estate, No Cost Wills also provides an online tool enabling the donor to document their wishes and then directs the User to an experienced lawyer/attorney if they don’t have their own.

No Cost Wills provides the non-profit or charitable organization with detailed statistics and extremely valuable data such as the User’s first and last name, the User’s email address and a description of any gifts made to the organization. The organization can mine this data for leads and other campaign related initiatives.

No Cost Wills operates in both the United States and Canada.

Our Differentiators

- We are the Original Free Online Will Provider – Serving the United States and Canada

Our legal team started the first free online Will service in 1999.

- No Cost Wills is powered by

www.AmericaWills.com and www.CanadaWills.com, websites that have provided hundreds of thousands of free online legal wills to North Americans for over 20 years.

- Computer, Tablet and Smartphone Friendly Software

The User can save their Will to a pdf document, print the Will or have it e- mailed to them.

- Privacy Protection Guaranteed

We do not keep a copy of the User’s Will. When the User leaves the website, the Will is deleted on the server. A User can return to the website as often as they wish to make a new Will.

- Optional Benefits

The online Will includes all usual provisions as well as other special provisions such as Digital Assets, Guardian Appointments for infant Children, Pet Care provisions and a Pet Trust.

- Having Your Organization Added to a User’s Planned Giving:

We provide online tools to assist in amending existing Wills.

We provide an online tool to assist those Users with complex family arrangements or wealth management concerns.

We provide the User the opportunity to make an immediate donation to your Organization through a website link to your donation account (e.g.,PayPal)

- Instant Reporting

The instant reports and data we provide enables the Organization to realize their return on investment, track legacies/gifts, and contact those Users that gave a gift or used the website to create a Will.

About Our Online Free Legal Will Service:
  • Was created by Attorneys/Lawyers
  • Is Absolutely Free – No Strings Attached (Open to everyone – no subscription – no credit card)
  • Has operated for 22 years – First in this market space
  • Provides experienced staff available for help 24/7 365
  • Is a complete Will-based estate plan
  • Includes digital assets, pet trusts and guardianships
  • Is User friendly experience and only takes a few minutes
  • Does not require a User to have legal knowledge
  • Offers extensive self-help options during the Will making process
  • Answers Frequently Asked Questions
  • Covers both the United States and Canada

- Easy to Use:

  • Customize, download, print and email
  • Return as often as you will for Free
  • Optimized for smartphone - iOS and Android devices

- Privacy:

  • Privacy protected – the Will is not kept on our server
  • We do not sell your information
  • No advertising content on the website

- Amazing History and Track Record:

  • 22 years of free service to Americans and Canadians
  • Hundreds of thousands of Free Legal Wills created

- It is estimated that 70% of North Americans do not have a Will.
- Estate planning and bequests have surged during the Coronavirus pandemic.
- Everyone is a potential donor. By offering Users a free legal Will an organization is more likely to be left a gift of money or property in appreciation.